Once upon a time, five recent college grads found themselves living together in a tiny valley town in Japan named Shiso. They were later joined by two more pairs of fancypants. Thrown together by fate and kept together by love of kaiten sushi, costume parties, alcohols of all varieties, and the common goal of being cute as hell, shisopretty was born!

These lovely ladies now live thousands of miles apart, from the west coast to the east coast of the United States, Canada and Japan, but are sticking together to bring you, our readers, fashion, style, and life advice of all kinds. Each girl has her own unique sense of style, from bohemian chic to timeless classic to wtf is wrong with you, are you five years old? Smoosh them all together and there you have it…shisopretty: the blog.

Check back often for fashion ideas, trend alerts, creative style inspiration and more from the ladies of shisopretty.

Got an item you’d like us to try, something you’d like to see, or need style/life advice? Hit us up at shisopretty@gmail.com.


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